Looking for High School Senior Reps in Gilbert Area for Model Shoot!

2016 Senior Model Application

Are you an outgoing Senior, graduating in 2016! Are you a trendsetting, friendly person who won’t be shy to talk about their experience with Liz E. Studio to all their friends and classmates? Then this is the perfect way for you earn some cash, get some killer senior portraits and other free stuff! Our hopes are that once your friends see what we can do – they are going to come to us for their pictures. Two to three students from each local high school are selected to be senior models. If you are chosen to be a senior model you will take place in a  Class of 2016 model shoot on Sunday, May 17! Professional hair, makeup, styling, Botanical Garden passes and more will all be included. Yeah, this shoot is going to rock!

So are you wondering what you are going to get out of this?

Glad you asked. Here is what I offer:

1. One free photo session. We will start getting ready around two and the party will last until the sun goes down.

2. A download link containing a web sized version of the photos from your shoot. You can post these on FaceBook, Instagram and email them to your friends. They will be stamped with our logo.

3. Free 8×10 print, two 5×7 Photos, 8 wallets and a pocket size brag book containing the photos from your session. $150 Value (If your parents want to purchase more they can.)

4. 50 (or more if you need them) Senior Model cards (business card size) with your picture on it – and our contact information. This is what you will pass out to you friends when they say “WOW, your photos are awesome – who did them?”. Each senior that comes in with one of your cards gets a free gift. Each card of yours that is brought in also gets YOU good stuff and can even earn you cash and a free shoot.

5. For each booked referral you send to Liz E. Studio you get a $100 credit towards your own senior session or $25 cash. You pick. It’s that easy.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t  one. If someone sees and likes your pictures then give them your rep card. Easy enough? You are NOT expected to discuss pricing or packages with them or sell anything.

What are the rules?

1. We will need your parent’s permission.

2. You will need to sign a model release so that we can use your picture in advertising.

3. You will pinky swear to promote us, and ONLY us, positively and all of the awesomeness that we are. You can’t be a rep for us if you are a rep for another studio. No double dipping please!

4. Your only cost is $100 to cover the hair and makeup expense for the model shoot as well as your admission into the botanical garden. (The free prints and brag book you get to keep from this shoot are worth over $150!)

What do I have to do to be a Senior Model?

Copy and paste the questions below into an email and send it to Liz@LizEStudio.com or send it in a FB Message to Liz Evans. Once we have a chance to review the applications we will contact you by May 2. Please make sure you will be available for the Model shoot on Sunday, May 17.

How do you pick your Senior Model?

There are a lot of different factors. It mostly depends on what segment of students we are trying to appeal to for the year. There isn’t anything scientific about our process at all. Please don’t be disappointed if you’re not picked, you will still get a goodie from Liz E. Studio. We invest a lot of money in our senior reps, so we try to find those that are going to give us the most bang for our buck. It’s nothing personal – we still love you.

APPLY TODAY! So how do I get started?

Be sure to have a picture handy, we require that! We don’t care if you look like a GQ, Victoria’s Secret model or far, far from that. We just want to get an idea of your style and if it’s going to work with what we are looking for.

Simply fill out the form below or you can email me at Liz@LizEStudio.com with your answers and a picture. I am so excited for this so please share this opportunity with friends and family and even share it on your wall if you don’t mind. Thank you so much! xo Liz





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