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I am just a girl that loves her family and is so grateful I can follow my passion in the meantime.

I like to describe my style as an honest “this is real” feeling. For me, the beauty is in the natural lighting and the expression. No matter what the subject, a nervous senior, children playing, rambunctious families, I really strive to reflect the best of whom I photograph. Everyone is unique.  My job as a photographer – what I love and what keeps my job fun – is the creative process of working with you to create the portrait that matches your personality, a portrait that you will love and treasure. I love to capture the little glimpses of love between the parent and child or the playfulness between siblings. I also think it is important to capture traditional portraits, timeless ones that you will enjoy looking at and sharing with others.

After getting my degree in graphic design and working in the industry, I would study photography and practice on friends and family. This is what led to Liz E. Studio back in 2007. Using the design concepts of composition, color and lighting, I love to capture the moment and manipulate it slightly to create brilliant works of art. In addition, composing photobooks along with photography allows me to present the entire shoot in a way for you, your family and friends to enjoy. It also allows me to dive into my other passion of design.

I hope you will call me at 209.573.4534 and give me the opportunity to take photos of your family and capture some fun memories!



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